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Words Described by "Apple"

  1. trees
  2. pie
  3. juice
  4. tree
  5. sauce
  6. cider
  7. blossoms
  8. butter
  9. vinegar
  10. pies

Commonly Paired Adjectives

  1. golden
  2. red
  3. pine
  4. large
  5. green
  6. rotten
  7. baked
  8. small
  9. bad
  10. big

Hypernyms (Type of)

  1. apple tree
  2. edible fruit

Related Definition

  1. apple:

    n A common, round fruit produced by the tree Malus domestica, cultivated in temperate climates.

    n Any fruit or vegetable, or any other thing produced by a plant such as a gall or cone, especially if produced by a tree and similar to the fruit of Malus domestica; also (with qualifying words) used to form the names of specific fruits such as custard apple, rose apple, thorn apple etc.

    n (baseball, slang, obsolete) The ball in baseball.

    n (informal) When smiling, the round, fleshy part of the cheeks between the eyes and the corners of the mouth.

    n The Adam's apple.

    n (Christianity) The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, eaten by Adam and Eve according to post-Biblical Christian tradition; the forbidden fruit.

    n A tree of the genus Malus, especially one cultivated for its edible fruit; the apple tree.

    n The wood of the apple tree.

    n (derogatory, ethnic slur) A Native American or red-skinned person who acts and/or thinks like a white (Caucasian) person.

    n (ice hockey, slang) An assist.

    n (slang) A CB radio enthusiast.

    v (transitive, intransitive) To make or become apple-like.

    v (obsolete) To form buds, bulbs, or fruit.

    n (with "the") A nickname for New York City, usually “the Big Apple”.

    n The company Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer, that produces computers and other digital devices, and sells and produces multimedia content.

    n A multimedia corporation (Apple Corps) and record company (Apple Records) founded by the Beatles.

    n (rare, countable) A female given name from English.

    n (countable) A surname.

    n A computer produced by the company Apple Inc.

    n (in the plural, Cockney rhyming slang) Short for apples and pears, slang for stairs. [(Cockney rhyming slang) stairs]

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