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  1. chapel service

Words Described by "Chapel"

  1. frith
  2. master
  3. royal
  4. street
  5. dale
  6. ease
  7. hill
  8. house
  9. yard
  10. goers

Commonly Paired Adjectives

  1. little
  2. small
  3. new
  4. private
  5. old
  6. royal
  7. beautiful
  8. ancient
  9. tiny
  10. ruined

What Google Knows

A chapel is a Christian place of prayer and worship that is usually relatively small. The term has several meanings. First, smaller spaces inside a church that have their own altar are often called chapels; the Lady chapel is a common type of these.

Related Definition

  1. chapel:

    n (especially Christianity) A place of worship, smaller than or subordinate to a church.

    n A place of worship in another building or within a civil institution such as a larger church, airport, prison, monastery, school, etc.; often primarily for private prayer.

    n A funeral home, or a room in one for holding funeral services.

    n (UK) A trade union branch in printing or journalism.

    n A printing office.

    n A choir of singers, or an orchestra, attached to the court of a prince or nobleman.

    adj (Wales) Describing a person who attends a nonconformist chapel.

    v (nautical, transitive) To cause (a ship taken aback in a light breeze) to turn or make a circuit so as to recover, without bracing the yards, the same tack on which she had been sailing.

    v (obsolete, transitive) To deposit or inter in a chapel; to enshrine.

    n A surname.

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