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Words Described by "Little"

  1. girl
  2. boy
  3. bit
  4. doubt
  5. while
  6. attention
  7. effect
  8. room
  9. children
  10. evidence

Commonly Paired Adjectives

  1. atlantic
  2. late
  3. very
  4. young
  5. much
  6. old
  7. poor
  8. overdosage
  9. arkansas
  10. pre

Categorically Similar

  1. mermaid
  2. bit
  3. arkansas
  4. girl
  5. creek
  6. else

What Google Knows

Littlewoods was a retail and football betting company founded in Liverpool, England, by John Moores in 1923. By the 1980s, it had grown to become the largest private company in Europe but subsequently declined in the face of increased competition from rivals and the Internet.

Related Definition

  1. little:

    adj Small in size.

    adj Insignificant, trivial.

    adj (offensive) Used to belittle a person.

    adj Very young.

    adj (of a sibling) Younger.

    adj (often capitalized) Used with the name of a place, especially of a country or its capital, to denote a neighborhood whose residents or storekeepers are from that place.

    adj (derogatory) To imply that the inhabitants of the place have an insular attitude and are hostile to those they perceive as foreign.

    adj Having few members.

    adj (of an industry or other field, or institution(s) therein, often capitalized) Operating on a small scale.

    adj Short in duration; brief.

    adj Small in extent of views or sympathies; narrow; shallow; contracted; mean; illiberal; ungenerous.

    adv Not much.

    adv Not at all.

    n (usually uncountable) A small amount.

    n (countable, informal) A child; particularly an infant.

    n (countable, university slang) A newly initiated member of a sorority, who is mentored by a big.

    n (countable, BDSM) The participant in ageplay who acts out the younger role.

    n A surname.

    n An unincorporated community in Breathitt County, Kentucky, United States, named after the local Little family.

    n An unincorporated community in Tyler County, West Virginia, United States.