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Words Described by "Old"

  1. man
  2. woman
  3. age
  4. friend
  5. lady
  6. days
  7. men
  8. friends
  9. house
  10. boy

Commonly Paired Adjectives

  1. year
  2. three
  3. two
  4. very
  5. month
  6. six
  7. oldest
  8. how
  9. eight
  10. five

Categorically Similar

  1. norse
  2. testament
  3. vic
  4. dominion
  5. demolished
  6. friend

Hypernyms (Type of)

  1. past
  2. yore
  3. yesteryear
  4. past times

What Google Knows

Old is a 2021 American horror thriller film written, directed, and produced by M. Night Shyamalan. It is based on the French-language Swiss graphic novel Sandcastle by Pierre Oscar Lévy and Frederik Peeters.

Related Definition

  1. old:

    adj Of a living being, having lived for most of the expected years.

    adj Of a perishable item, having existed for most of, or more than, its shelf life.

    adj Having been used and thus no longer new or unused.

    adj Having existed or lived for the specified time.

    adj Former, previous.

    adj That is no longer in existence.

    adj Obsolete; out-of-date.

    adj Familiar.

    adj (UK) Being a graduate or alumnus of a school, especially a public school.

    adj Tiresome after prolonged repetition.

    adj Said of subdued colors, particularly reds, pinks and oranges, as if they had faded over time.

    adj A grammatical intensifier, often used in describing something positive, and combined with another adjective.

    adj (informal, of a person) Indicating affection.

    adj (obsolete) Excessive, abundant.

    n (with the, invariable plural only) People who are old; old beings; the older generation, taken as a group.

    n (slang) A person older than oneself, especially an adult in relation to a teenager.

    n (slang, most often plural) One's parents.

    n (Australia, uncountable) A typically dark-coloured lager brewed by the traditional top-fermentation method.

    n (publishing, linguistics) Initialism of Oxford Latin Dictionary.

    n (Internet) Abbreviation of online dating. [Dating over the Internet, typically using a website or app to find potential connections.]

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