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Words Described by "Original"

  1. form
  2. sin
  3. work
  4. text
  5. position
  6. plan
  7. version
  8. state
  9. design
  10. meaning

Commonly Paired Adjectives

  1. french
  2. greek
  3. german
  4. most
  5. latin
  6. more
  7. divine
  8. english
  9. russian
  10. true

Categorically Similar

  1. soundtrack
  2. screenplay
  3. lineup
  4. version
  5. broadway

Hypernyms (Type of)

  1. model
  2. example
  3. creation

What Google Knows

The Originals is an American fantasy supernatural drama television series that began airing on The CW on October 3, 2013. It is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries and the first television series expansion of the franchise based on its parent series.

Related Definition

  1. original:

    adj being or productive of something fresh and unusual; or being as first made or thought of

    adj (of e.g. information) not secondhand or by way of something intermediary

    adj not derived or copied or translated from something else

    adj preceding all others in time or being as first made or performed