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Words Described by "Overthrow"

  1. diem
  2. rians

What Google Knows

In wrought ironwork, the overthrow, particularly popular in the Baroque era commencing in the 17th century, refers to the crowning section of ornamental wrought ironwork which forms a decorative crest above a wrought-iron gate; the overthrow provides some stabilizing structure tying together supporting piers on either side of the swinging sections.

Related Definition

  1. overthrow:

    v (transitive) To bring about the downfall of (a government, etc.), especially by force.

    v (transitive, now rare) To throw down to the ground, to overturn.

    n A removal, especially of a ruler or government, by force or threat of force.

    n (archaic, rare) An act of throwing something to the ground; an overturning.

    v (transitive, intransitive) To throw (something) so that it goes too far.

    n (sports) A throw that goes too far.

    n (cricket) A run scored by the batting side when a fielder throws the ball back to the infield, whence it continues to the opposite outfield.

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