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Words Described by "Place"

  1. names
  2. name
  3. book
  4. sort
  5. manner
  6. way
  7. person
  8. holders
  9. thing
  10. books

Commonly Paired Adjectives

  1. first
  2. same
  3. second
  4. proper
  5. good
  6. right
  7. only
  8. important
  9. best
  10. safe

Categorically Similar

  1. worship

What Google Knows

A home, or domicile, is a space used as a permanent or semi-permanent residence for one or many humans, and sometimes various companion animals. It is a fully or semi sheltered space and can have both interior and exterior aspects to it.

Related Definition

  1. place:

    n An open space, particularly a city square, market square, or courtyard.

    n (often in street names or addresses) A street, sometimes but not always surrounding a public place, square, or plaza of the same name.

    n An inhabited area: a village, town, or city.

    n Any area of the earth: a region.

    n The area one occupies, particularly somewhere to sit.

    n The area where one lives: one's home, formerly (chiefly) country estates and farms.

    n An area of the body, especially the skin.

    n (euphemistic slang) An area to urinate and defecate: an outhouse or lavatory.

    n (obsolete) An area to fight: a battlefield or the contested ground in a battle.

    n A location or position in space.

    n A particular location in a book or document, particularly the current location of a reader.

    n (obsolete) A passage or extract from a book or document.

    n (obsolete, rhetoric) A topic.

    n A state of mind.

    n (chess, obsolete) A chess position; a square of the chessboard.

    n A role or purpose; a station.

    n The position of a contestant in a competition.

    n (horse-racing) The position of first, second, or third at the finish, especially the second position.

    n The position as a member of a sports team.

    n (obsolete) A fortified position: a fortress, citadel, or walled town.

    n Numerically, the column counting a certain quantity.

    n Ordinal relation; position in the order of proceeding.

    n Reception; effect; implying the making room for.

    v (transitive) To put (an object or person) in a specific location.

    v (intransitive) To earn a given spot in a competition.

    v (intransitive, racing) To finish second, especially of horses or dogs.

    v (transitive, passive) To rank at (a certain position, often followed by an ordinal) as in a horse race.

    v (transitive) To remember where and when (an object or person) has been previously encountered.

    v (transitive) To sing (a note) with the correct pitch.

    v (transitive) To arrange for or to make (a bet).

    v (transitive) To establish a call (connection by telephone or similar).

    v (transitive) To recruit or match an appropriate person for a job, or a home for an animal for adoption, etc.

    v (sports, transitive) To place-kick (a goal).

    n A surname.