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Words Described by "Poppy"

  1. seed
  2. seeds
  3. heads
  4. oil
  5. head
  6. juice
  7. cultivation
  8. fields
  9. family
  10. straw

Commonly Paired Adjectives

  1. red
  2. white
  3. oriental
  4. scarlet
  5. wild
  6. yellow
  7. blue
  8. prickly
  9. common
  10. opium

Hypernyms (Type of)

  1. flower

What Google Knows

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Related Definition

  1. poppy:

    n annual or biennial or perennial herbs having showy flowers

    adj Of a bright red colour tinted with orange, like that of the common poppy flower (Papaver rhoeas).

    adj Having a popping or bursting sound.

    adj Of a beverage: resembling soda pop; effervescent, fizzy.

    adj Of eyes: protruding, sticking out.

    adj (dated) Popular.

    adj (music) Typical, or in the style, of pop music.