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Words Described by "Round"

  1. trip
  2. table
  3. face
  4. numbers
  5. eyes
  6. hole
  7. cells
  8. head
  9. tower
  10. window

Commonly Paired Adjectives

  1. first
  2. second
  3. next
  4. new
  5. daily
  6. third
  7. last
  8. final
  9. whole
  10. fourth

Hypernyms (Type of)

  1. bear
  2. go
  3. play
  4. call
  5. hold
  6. course
  7. change
  8. form
  9. track
  10. say

What Google Knows

A cartridge, also known as a round, is a type of pre-assembled firearm ammunition packaging a projectile, a propellant substance and an ignition device within a metallic, paper, or plastic case that is precisely made to fit within the barrel chamber of a breechloading gun, for convenient transportation and handling during shooting.

Related Definition

  1. round:

    adj Circular or cylindrical; having a circular cross-section in one direction.

    adj Spherical; shaped like a ball; having a circular cross-section in more than one direction.

    adj Lacking sharp angles; having gentle curves.

    adj Plump.

    adj Complete, whole, not lacking.

    adj (of a number) Convenient for rounding other numbers to; for example, ending in a zero.

    adj (phonetics) Pronounced with the lips drawn together; rounded.

    adj Outspoken; plain and direct; unreserved; not mincing.

    adj Finished; polished; not defective or abrupt; said of authors or their writing style.

    adj Consistent; fair; just; applied to conduct.

    adj Large in magnitude.

    adj (authorship, of a fictional character) Well-written and well-characterized; complex and reminiscent of a real person.

    adj (architecture) Vaulted.

    n A circular or spherical object or part of an object.

    n A circular or repetitious route.

    n A general outburst from a group of people at an event.

    n A song that is sung by groups of people with each subset of people starting at a different time.

    n A serving of something; a portion of something to each person in a group.

    n A single individual portion or dose of medicine.

    n One sandwich (two full slices of bread with filling).

    n (art) A long-bristled, circular-headed paintbrush used in oil and acrylic painting.

    n A firearm cartridge, bullet, or any individual ammunition projectile. Originally referring to the spherical projectile ball of a smoothbore firearm. Compare round shot and solid shot.

    n (sports) One of the specified pre-determined segments of the total time of a sport event, such as a boxing or wrestling match, during which contestants compete before being signaled to stop.

    n (sports) A stage in a competition.

    n (sports) In some sports, e.g. golf or showjumping: one complete way around the course.

    n (video games) A stage or level of a game.

    n (card games) The play after each deal.

    n (engineering, drafting, CAD) A rounded relief or cut at an edge, especially an outside edge, added for a finished appearance and to soften sharp edges.

    n A strip of material with a circular face that covers an edge, gap, or crevice for decorative, sanitary, or security purposes.

    n (butchery) The hindquarters of a bovine.

    n (dated) A rung, as of a ladder.

    n A crosspiece that joins and braces the legs of a chair.

    n A series of changes or events ending where it began; a series of like events recurring in continuance; a cycle; a periodical revolution.

    n A course of action or conduct performed by a number of persons in turn, or one after another, as if seated in a circle.

    n A series of duties or tasks which must be performed in turn, and then repeated.

    n A circular dance.

    n Rotation, as in office; succession.

    n A general discharge of firearms by a body of troops in which each soldier fires once.

    n An assembly; a group; a circle.

    n A brewer's vessel in which the fermentation is concluded, the yeast escaping through the bunghole.

    n (archaic) A vessel filled, as for drinking.

    n (nautical) A round-top.

    n A round of beef.

    v (transitive) To shape something into a curve.

    v (intransitive) To become shaped into a curve.

    v (with "out") To finish; to complete; to fill out.

    v (intransitive) To approximate a number, especially a decimal number by the closest whole number.

    v (transitive) To turn past a boundary.

    v (intransitive) To turn and attack someone or something (used with on).

    v (transitive, baseball) To advance to home plate.

    v (transitive) To go round, pass, go past.

    v To encircle; to encompass.

    v To grow round or full; hence, to attain to fullness, completeness, or perfection.

    v (medicine, colloquial) To do ward rounds.

    v (obsolete, intransitive) To go round, as a guard; to make the rounds.

    v (obsolete, intransitive) To go or turn round; to wheel about.

    v (intransitive, archaic or dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To speak in a low tone; whisper; speak secretly; take counsel.

    v (transitive, archaic or dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To address or speak to in a whisper, utter in a whisper.

    n (archaic or dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) A whisper; whispering.

    n (archaic or dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) Discourse; song.

    n A surname.

    adv Alternative form of around [So as to form a circle or trace a circular path, or approximation thereof.]

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