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Commonly Paired Adjectives

  1. how
  2. great
  3. pre
  4. little
  5. post
  6. real
  7. old
  8. anti
  9. called
  10. very

Categorically Similar

  1. bang
  2. daddy
  3. sur
  4. conference
  5. ten
  6. sky
  7. brother
  8. bend
  9. ncaa
  10. horn

What Google Knows

Christopher George Latore Wallace, better known by his stage names the Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls, or simply Biggie, was an American rapper.

Related Definition

  1. big:

    adj Of great size, large.

    adj (informal) Fat.

    adj (sometimes figuratively) Large with young; pregnant; swelling; ready to give birth or produce.

    adj (informal) Well-endowed, possessing large breasts in the case of a woman or a large penis in the case of a man.

    adj (informal) Adult; (of a child) older.

    adj (informal, slang, rare, of somebody's age) Old, mature. Used to imply that somebody is too old for something, or acting immaturely.

    adj (informal, transitive with of) Mature, conscientious, principled; generous.

    adj (informal) Important or significant.

    adj Popular.

    adj (of a city) Populous.

    adj (informal) Used as an intensifier, especially of negative-valence nouns

    adj (of an industry or other field, or institution(s) therein, often capitalized) Operating on a large scale, especially if therefore having undue or sinister influence.

    adj (informal, with on) Enthusiastic (about).

    adv In a loud manner.

    adv In a boasting manner.

    adv In a large amount or to a large extent.

    adv On a large scale, expansively.

    adv Hard.

    n An important or powerful person; a celebrity; a big name.

    n (in the plural) The big leagues, big time.

    n (university slang) A initiated member of a sorority who acts as a mentor to a new member (the little).

    n (BDSM) The participant in ageplay who acts out the older role.

    v (transitive, archaic, UK dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To inhabit; occupy.

    v (reflexive, archaic, UK dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To locate oneself.

    v (transitive, archaic, UK dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To build; erect; fashion.

    v (intransitive, archaic, UK dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To dwell; have a dwelling.

    n One or more kinds of barley, especially six-rowed barley.

    n A biological insulation garment; an air-tight, full-body suit intended to prevent the spread of contaminants.