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  1. possums

Words Described by "Blossoms"

  1. brush
  2. blow
  3. blush
  4. bend
  5. wear
  6. wave
  7. set
  8. dancing
  9. tickle
  10. glister

Commonly Paired Adjectives

  1. white
  2. orange
  3. yellow
  4. pink
  5. red
  6. fragrant
  7. large
  8. lotus
  9. beautiful
  10. bright

What Google Knows

Blossoms Shanghai is an upcoming Chinese television series directed and produced by Wong Kar-wai. It is adapted from the novel Blossoms written by Jin Yucheng.

Related Definition

  1. blossoms:

    n A flower, especially one indicating that a fruit tree is fruiting; (collectively) a mass of such flowers.

    n The state or season of producing such flowers.

    n (figuratively) A blooming period or stage of development; something lovely that gives rich promise.

    n The colour of a horse that has white hairs intermixed with sorrel and bay hairs.

    n A hamlet in New York.

    n A city in Texas.

    n (rare) A female given name