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Words Described by "Golden"

  1. age
  2. hair
  3. brown
  4. rule
  5. opportunity
  6. light
  7. calf
  8. mean
  9. yellow
  10. days

Commonly Paired Adjectives

  1. englander
  2. peters
  3. old
  4. post
  5. late
  6. neville
  7. young
  8. former
  9. pre
  10. little

What Google Knows

A Goldendoodle, also known as the Groodle, is bred from a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. First widely bred in 1990s, the crossbreed is bred in three different size varieties corresponding to the size variety of Poodle used as a parent.

Related Definition

  1. golden:

    adj suggestive of gold

    adj marked by peace and prosperity

    adj made from or covered with gold

    adj very favorable or advantageous

    adj supremely favored or fortunate

    adj having the deep slightly brownish color of gold