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Words Described by "Pear"

  1. tree
  2. trees
  3. shape
  4. cactus
  5. blight
  6. juice
  7. wood
  8. psylla
  9. blossoms
  10. scab

Commonly Paired Adjectives

  1. prickly
  2. ripe
  3. large
  4. wild
  5. little
  6. small
  7. fine
  8. inverted
  9. juicy
  10. japanese

Hypernyms (Type of)

  1. edible fruit
  2. fruit tree

What Google Knows

Pears are fruits produced and consumed around the world, growing on a tree and harvested in the Northern Hemisphere in late summer into October.

Related Definition

  1. pear:

    n sweet juicy gritty-textured fruit available in many varieties

    n old world tree having sweet gritty-textured juicy fruit; widely cultivated in many varieties